New World Language Class!

Paul Revere Middle School is excited to introduce Spanish 1, a new world language class! While world languages are considered to be elective classes, most American universities recommend completion of two years of a world language program, with three years being preferred.

For eighth graders interested in taking Spanish 1, a grade of "A" or "B" in both semesters of 7th-grade English, along with satisfactory work-habits and cooperation marks, are required.

In high school, a minimum grade of "C" is necessary for progression to higher levels in any world language course, as American colleges do not recognize grades below this standard.

Our approach at Revere integrates language learning with the rich culture, history, and arts of Spanish-speaking countries. Beyond grammar and vocabulary, our focus is on practical language acquisition through engaging activities, homework, discussions, projects, and real-life conversations that delve into the cultural heritage of Spanish-speaking nations.

• Brett Shibata -Head Counselor: Email: [email protected]
• Berenice Moreno -Spanish Teacher: Email: [email protected]