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1989 School Based Management Contract
1990 Mathematics, Science and Technology Magnet Center plan developed
1991 Reconfigured school from grades 7 through 9, to six through eight
1991 Magnet School Program implemented/CPT
1991 Magnet School Proposal submitted
1993 Magnet School opened/ Charter submitted
1994 Became Charter/LEARN School
2003 Received Distinguished School Award from CA Department of Education
Listen, my children, and you shall hear
of the growing pride of Paul Revere.
On the twelfth of September in Fifty-Five
Our middle school began to thrive.
 The beautiful level valley surrounded by rolling hills, where our school is now located, was part of a land grant made by the Spanish Crown to Francisco Sepulveda, and named Rancho San Vicente. Before the land upon which Paul Revere Middle School sits became part of Spain, Mexico and finally the United States. The Tongva people lived here.
The name San Vicente was given to a spring in the area by Father Crespi, the Spanish priest who accompanied Gaspar de Portola, Governor of Upper California, on his trip from San Diego to Monterey in 1769.
The Los Angeles Athletic Club bought the level valley area and built the Riviera Country Club here in 1928. The site of the school was then used for a number of years as a polo field. Many famous polo games were played on this field.
In 1932 the equestrian events of the Olympic Games were held on the polo field. People from all over the world visited the site as participants and spectators of these events.
In 1950 twenty acres of this area were purchased by the Los Angeles Board of Education as a site for a junior high school. Seven additional acres were secured in 1952, making a total of twenty seven beautiful acres for the campus of our school.
 Our school first opened its doors on September 12, 1955, as Palisades-Brentwood Junior High School. During our first year we chose Paul Revere as our permanent name, established our student government, formed our service and honor organizations, and began many of the traditions which are now an accepted part of our school life.
Beginning in September of 1993, Paul Revere became the site of a new school program in addition to our fine regular school program. At that time, we gained a magnet school and our school name was changed to Paul Revere Middle School, Mathematics, Science and Technology Magnet Center.
In 1994, Paul Revere became a Charter/LEARN School.
 From the beginning we have looked both to the past and to the future for our inspiration and our hope. By your actions here at Paul Revere you will be writing new pages for our history. We hope that we will be as proud of the pages you will write as we are of the pages previous classes have already written.