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LAUSD Transportation Information for Magnet & PWT Programs



Revere's Area Bus Supervisor:
Mr. Freddie Baker
District Transportation Office, 800-LABUSES
(Magnet/PWT Students Only)

PWT (Permit with Transportation) is administered by Student Integration Services. Please contact the office at its toll-free number 877- 4MAGPWT, 877- 462-4798, or 213- 241-4177, or 213-241-6572.  PWT is for Charter Students who meet the criteria established by the program. The application opens in October for the following school year.
Transportation is not provided by Revere or LAUSD to any student accepted through the Charter. The only programs that offer District bus transportation are qualified Magnet students and Permits with Transportation (PWT) students. These programs require an application through the LAUSD.
Permission to ride on the LAUSD yellow school bus is granted to students who have been accepted through LAUSD's Office of Integration into one of two programs: Magnet or Permits With Transportation (PWT). Unfortunately, the Space Available and PSC (Public School Choice) programs are no longer available.  
Please note that no late buses are provided on Professional Development (PD) Days.
PWT is a Court-Ordered voluntary integration program available to residents of the Los Angeles Unified School District who live within a PWT sending school area. Parents may call (213) 241-6572 to verify if the applicant lives in a PWT sending school area. Applications for PWT are due in October for the following year. Click here for more information.