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Facilities / Civic Permit

All inquiries should begin with Paul Revere's coordinator:
Justin Koretz
All inquiries regarding Paul Revere long-term facility rentals should be directed to Ester Rosales at LAUSD Civic Center Permit Office.  See below for the permit information. 
Ester Rosales,
All inquiries regarding Paul Revere short-term leasing inquiries should be directed to the LAUSD, FSD-Leasing & Space Utilization office. 
Main Office, 213-241-6785

Civic Permit

The major function of the Civic Center Permit Office is the issuance of the appropriate permit to allow for the use of school facilities in conformance with the California Education Code mandate and the Board of Education rules, which require that each and every public school facility be made available as a civic center to members of the community and non-profit organizations for supervised recreational activities, meetings and public discussions, when regular school activities are not disrupted.