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Educational Philosophy

The emphasis of the Paul Revere Mathematics, Science and Technology (M/S/T) Magnet academic program is placed upon developing successful adults for the twenty-first century who are proficient in the fields of science, mathematics and technology and who understand and respect the cultural and racial/ethnic backgrounds of others. We hope to prepare all of our young students to this end with special care and concern directed towards the needs of the at-risk students including minority and female students.
The twenty-first century will be a time and place where instant access and use of information dominates life at home and in the workplace. It will be a place where all societies will be interdependent, where the effective use of interpersonal skills in collaborative groups and the ability to think critically, problem solve, adapt and grow will be required of its citizens. In addition, as technology becomes more powerful, convenient and complex, citizens will need skills to access and process information.
Students at Paul Revere M/S/T Magnet Center will develop skills that will enable them to process information in science, mathematics, technology and writing. Cross-curricular studies in these areas will heighten students' awareness and knowledge of the social and economic ramifications of various issues relating to their immediate environment.
By providing a quality-differentiated program we will encourage each student to achieve goals that are commensurate with their unique abilities, talents and learning styles.
Academic success of Revere magnet students is reflected in test scores. Scores on the CAT6 testing program regularly place the magnet center among the top middle schools in the district. Revere is proud of its reputation as a magnet school with high quality academic programs.

In addition, through our multi-cultural, multi-ethnic academic classes and special events programs, Revere magnet students have countless opportunities to acknowledge the achievement and contributions of different racial/ethnic groups and cultures while practicing the art of peaceful coexistence. It is our hope that all Revere magnet students will become critical, evaluative adult learners with a lifelong thirst for knowledge and who possess the creative thinking necessary to guide a multi-cultural, multi-racial/ethnic biosphere well into the twenty-first century.